Author’s Delight

crisp pages of madness
lustful eyes of the masses
beaten stories



my body shakes with fear
as we say goodbye.
your fingertips brush my
tear-stricken cheeks
as you hold my chin up
and kiss me one last time

as the sun sets behind
our entwined silhouettes,
a chilling wind brushes
against our bodies,
pushing us into one another

like the moon rises,
we turn away from each other,
and march into our futures
with the call of destiny
ringing in our ears

Blue Moonlight

We were lovers
and I loved you
with all of my heart.
As the sun sets each night,
the moon, she rises.
climbing over the bloody sky
and diving into a can
of pitch black ink,
she perseveres.
Her blue light shows me
one thing when I stare
up at her each night.

I see you.
I’m still in love with you.